Tiltisfth and other video experiments

The tools for creating video-related art is nowadays pretty much limitless compared to the sixties, when video art started by using videotapes and recorders. This last decade alone, with its numerous technological developments, like better software, high quality cameras and affordable hardware, offered many new methods to artists for creating contemporary video art.
Technological advances have always been an impulse for art to move into new directions, discover different ways and to explore alternatives.
This program is focusing on some not-your-daily type of films, and on the techniques used during the filming and editing process, from the tiltshift technique creating a miniature-style film, to a timelapse adventure using ants in a scanner, to the manipulated images shown in Beauté and the captivating photographic portrayal of landscapes.

Adele Miossec - Beauté
Benoit Daoust - Mini-Longueuil
Joshua Brown - Coney Island Dream
Francois Vautier - Ants in my scanner
David Salaices - Clock DJ
Vituc - Praha'dante

Curated program for the Streaming Festival.

Poster by Dalibor Baric