She shot pretty nice windmills

She shot pretty nice windmillsThis program consists of the works from six female artists from the Netherlands, each with their own distinctive style. Not only do they work with video, but they use a wide range of media to express their ideas and artistic concepts. The visuals created by their cross-media approaches are reflected in the selected works, showing the lines between moving images and still images dissolving.

Judith van der Made - To seek some to eat from (2:34)
Emily Kocken - Run if you can't hide (2:50)
Olga Mink - Sans Soleil (7:18)
Liesbeth Verhoeven - Mijn op de Heidelpenn (3:20)
Josien Vogelaar - Selene & Endymion (2:01)
Sarah Janssen - Cinematic Shivers (7:00)

Curated program for The BOX.

BOX is an independent project space, and entirely dedicated to Italian and international videoart. BOX has been initiated and is organized by VisualContainer.
Via Confalonieri 11, 20124 Milano, Italy