Motion based collages (reloaded)

In the traditional collage different materials and sources are composed onto a surface, but in this case into a single digital video.
This program is based on films which are using found-footage, multiple video-channels, paintings and/or photographs that are rearranged, cut and (re-)edited into a layered composition.
Motion based collages offers the possibility to the artist to make a statement without the need for an explicit explanation of their rearrangement or intentions, as they are open to interpretation by comparing the different visual elements.

Vesna Pesic - Untitled Places
Fabienne Gotusso - Baby O #2
Florentine Grelier - Ru
Tommaso Caverni - Deep Cuts #1
Kasumi - The Drowning
Patrick K.-H. - Tommy D series: Chess
Pascale Guillon - Belleville
The Burning Fountain - Ride
Krunoslav Pticar - Phare away
Alexandra Momin - Recollection
Jennifer Ross - Edit of actuality
Eva Wijers - Incubate
Gillian Mciver - Project gagarin
Niall Farrell - 33.116667, 35.816667
Danielle Itzhaqi & Dror Shohet - Haya

Curated program for the Streaming Festival and Visualcontainer Italian videoart platform

VisualContainer is a non-profit association with the aim to fill the absence of a qualified video art and new media art distributor within the Italian contemporary art environment.

Via Volturno 41, 20124 Milan Italy

Poster by Dalibor Baric