Galerija Izvorne Umjetnosti Zlatar

27/07/2018 - 27/08/2018, Zlatar, Croatia

/images/lindgreen-zlatar.jpgIn the present reality, when many Croats leave their homeland by going to European Union countries in search of a job and a better existential future, it sounds strange to have someone from an EU country settle in Croatia. That is why Ronald Aleksander Lindgreen, with a fine art diploma from the Willem de Kooning academy (Rotterdam), attracted the attention with his exhibition at the Gallery Izvorne Umjetnosti. It was recently opened by Mayor Jasenka Auguštan Pentek and gallery director Božena Slunjski, and it can be visited until August the 27th. The exhibition is dominated by watercolours with motifs of the hills in Zagorje. In the smaller room of the gallery are Lindgreen's oil paintings with female nudes exhibited.

-- Ċ½eljko Slunjski, Zagorski List, 12 August 2018 (adapted version).
Galerija Izvorne Umjetnosti Zlatar
Zagrebačka ulica 3, 49250, Zlatar

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