Galerija Izvorne Umjetnosti Zlatar (2023)

01/09/2023 - 18/09/2023, Zlatar, Croatia

A cluster of phantom daydreams

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The exhibition was opened by Jasenka Auguštan-Pentek (Mayor of Zlatar) and Božena Slunjski (Director) whilst the woman's choir DORA, accompanied by Boris Brežnjak, added vocals and music based on traditional songs.
Academic painter Ronald Lindgreen will open the new season in the Gallery of Authentic Art in Zlatar on Friday the 1st of September exhibiting 25 aquarelles. His name is not unknown to the audience in Zlatar, as he exhibited in this Gallery previously in 2018.
Impressed by the nature in Croatia, and namely Zagorje, he paints landscapes using watercolours, but at the same time bypasses the artistic expression of classic watercolour painters, looking for the possibility of expressing himself with his own technique and style.

-- Ċ½eljko Slunjski, Zagorski List, 05 September 2023 (adapted version).
Galerija Izvorne Umjetnosti Zlatar
Zagrebačka ulica 3, 49250, Zlatar