Streaming Festival opening program

The Italian video art organization VisualContainer will host the official opening of the 9th edition of the Streaming Festival at their project space The [.BOX] in Milan, Italy on 9 December.

Anton Iakhontov - Areta (02:17, 2014)
Basically, duo of Patrick K.-H. And Andreas Karaoulanis is a net consists of two spatially separated workstations. It explores various sorts of algorithmic interaction between participants.
Their working process reminds of Cyber-Jam idea contain pre-composed and structured animation pieces, mathematical algorithms and music, based on exploration of some predetermined common sketches, when no other formal aesthetics or genre boundaries are fixed, no rules of acting are applied.

Apotropia - K (04:00, 2012)
K is a video performance shot during the 2012 winter solstice.
The color violet is at one end of the spectrum of visible light just before the invisible ultraviolet.

David Zijlstra - Bmen Is Dead (27:35, 2014)
Approximately 19 December 2013 Dutch artist Ben Meijer, also known as Ben Niks ('Am nothing') aka Bmen IsDead, committed suicide by suffocation, at his home in The Hague.

Donato Arcella - Har, 1ts v 1-3 (01:37, 2014)
From the Book of Zephaniah and 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3

Jean-michel Rolland - The Puck (06:03, 2014)
Through this artistic video, I want to deliver a very personal vision of ice hockey where grace and violence come together for better or for worse around a puck which is the obvious focus of attention.

Marlijn Franken - Into The Woods (06:12, 2013)
Surrealistic shortfilm about a meeting in the woods. A pond as a mirror. A fish in a tree.

Miguel Andres - System (04:49, 2014)
Every system requires a set of established basis that supports it and prevents its collapse.
Definitely the socioeconomic system that shelters humans is not exempt from these rules.

Cristina Pavesi - Giallo (04:00, 2014)
How things can change in just fifteen days. (I have hidden an object per day to still life while flowers were being dried).
The video is part of my project to revitalize the still life as a genre renewed by the time factor and the movement of the video as a medium.

Piotr Zoladz - Variations (03:20, 2014)
A synthesis of abstract bodies.

Toby Tatum - A World Assembled (03:03, 2014)
A World Assembled represents Toby Tatum's creation of an improbable realm, stitched together from a kit of warring elements into a fantastic whole.

Curated program for screening at Visualcontainer.

Visualcontainer [.BOX]
Via F. Confalonieri 11, 20124 Milan, Italy