The second room

secondroom Artists
Dalibor Baric - Amnesiac on the Beach
Daniel Kötter - Film für übers Sofa
Annika Ivarsson - The World's Worst Horse Girl
Alfredo Hisa - Nearby
Kiron Hussain - Slick Horsing
Edin Hendo - Tepanje
Martin Anders Gunnar Sjölander - Vem
My Anh Hang - The Children Of The Atomic Age
Sophie Vijgen - Processing paradise
Gökhan Okur - Wave theory
Tetsuka Niiyama - Hinode

Curated program for The Athens Video Art Festival.

The Athens Video Art Festival (AVAF) is an annual digital arts and new media festival taking place in Greece, mainly Athens. Being part of an international art network, it reflects a wide range of ideas and developments in the art world. It aims at bringing together experimental projects of contemporary artists and at promoting free expression, exchange of ideas, and creative interaction while exhibiting new media and new technologies application in arts.

Miltiadou 18, 10560, Monastiraki, Athens, Greece